Marriage, moving, birth credit: the complete file

Existence always reserves surprises and thus expenses, planned or not: relationship, birth of a child, transfer, pension, separation, divorce, etc . It is far from always easy to finance these types of events alone, especially if they may be unexpected.
The customer credit can eventually help the realization of these tasks and accompany you during these episodes of life.

Realize your project using a credit

Realize your project with a credit

Projects tag the life of a couple along with a family. These projects can be extremely different and will require a person more or less important financial initiatives:

  • You plan your wedding and would like to possess a nice reception.
  • You are expecting a child and start to prepare for his appearance.
  • You are shifting after a transfer.
  • You come to retirement and wish to make you happy.
  • You have just separated out of your spouse and need to create a fresh start.

Consumer credit is the way to bring your project to life:

  • Depending on your own wishes, the budget can be considerable and you do not necessarily possess the savings available to make it take place. A loan makes it possible to carry out their projects without waiting.
  • It is a flexible and quick offer to put in place: various kinds loans exist, able to adjust to your needs.
  • Rates of interest have been falling for several years.

How much in order to borrow to finance building?

How much to borrow to finance your project?

It all depends on the task you have:

  • For a wedding: the average price of a wedding in France is usually 12 000 € meant for 80 guests.
  • To prepare for the birth of children: Parents spend an average of € 4 000 in anticipations of the arrival of their kid, even before his birth. Within the first 3 years of the kid, about € 16, 500 are spent, not keeping track of childcare costs.
  • For a move: on average, you require between 900 and 3 or more 500 € depending on the amount of business to move and the range between the two homes.
  • For a trip: the common travel budget of the People from france is 1 400 €. Whatever your project, it is important to spending budget a margin of ten to 15% extra for the contingencies.

The birth of a child entitles you to a birth reward by CAF, subject to sources:

  • The quantity of this bonus is € 941. 67, for a kid born after March 2018.
  • The transaction of the premium is made between end of the pregnancy as well as the 2 months of the kid.
  • To receive this particular bonus, you must have passed the very first prenatal medical examination, which usually takes place before the end from the 14 weeks of being pregnant.

Which usually credit to choose for your task?

Which credit to choose for your project?

Different credits are usually possible to finance building:

  • Personal bank loan: this is the most classic choice. The amount borrowed can be invested as you wish, without supplying proof.
  • The particular revolving loan: this option would be the most flexible. A hold of money is at your convenience, expendable at any time, in whole or even in part. This reserve is definitely reconstituted as you repay the particular loan.
  • The particular appropriated credit: it makes this possible to finance the particular purchase of a good or perhaps a particular service, which should be made explicit in the agreement. You will need to provide proof of expenditure to the lender.

With a consumption credit score, you can borrow up to € 75, 000, over a time period that varies depending on the financing institutions, but can go up in order to 10 years for some.

Are you preparing for your wedding? Inquire quotes to the different companies you meet:

  • Not only will this particular help you to estimate the overall spending budget, but you will be able to compare the costs and services of the various professionals more easily.
  • Keep in mind that the lowest estimate is just not necessarily the most interesting: everything depends on the services offered with this price.

How to get the personal loan for the project?

How to get the personal loan for your project?

Our comparator will allow you to choose the most suitable mortgage offer, in all transparency:

  • fill in the total amount you need for your project as well as the expected repayment period;
  • access the best prices negotiated at our companions, without commitment and for free of charge. You have chosen the establishment to will take the loan?

You must at this point send him the files that will help you build your file. To put together your file, the lender will need the following supporting files:

  • a legitimate proof of identity;
  • a proof of address associated with less than 3 months;
  • your last 3 claims of accounts: personal plus joint accounts;
  • your last 3 payslips, as well as those of your spouse in case he / she is a co-borrower.

This listing is not exhaustive and may differ depending on the establishment where you take those credit.

Right after studying your file, you can receive a personalized loan provide. If you sign this provide, you will then have 14 days in order to retract.

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